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Summer Camp, DS106 Style

This summer, I’m honored to be co-teaching DS106 with my new colleague, Alan Levine. We’re going to be teaching the class entirely online over 10 weeks. In typical DS106-fashion, we’ve invited the Web to participate. The class will be made up of a group of enrolled students at UMW as well as a cohort of open-online participants. We’ve got a lot planned.

First, and foremost, our version of DS106 will be taking place at Camp Magic MacGuffin, a very special summer camp for digital storytelling, creativity, and self-actualization. (I don’t actually know what “self-actualization” means, but it sounds nice.)

In a day or so, we’ll be sending out a welcome letter to our UMW students. Others who interested in participating should check out our welcome video and our special video for open, online students. You can also review the syllabus and packing list.¬†And, if you’re really dying to know more, you can get to know Alan and me better or take a look at the folks who’ll be joining us as camp counselors.

For the duration of camp, I’m going to be blogging my entire experience on a shiny, new site. I’ll be feeding those posts to my Twitter account as well as showing them in my sidebar.

See you on the other side of the mountain!