Stop Motion Friday

I’ve had an idea for a kind of advertising video I wanted to create for Domain of One’s Own for quite some time. I knew basically what I wanted the message to be, and I knew I wanted it to be a kind stop-motion drawing animation. After experimenting with a new stop motion app on my iPhone last week, I decided to try and tackle creating my video today.

My hope is that I can get this video on the various digital displays around campus, to increase grassroots interest among students in Domain of One’s Own.

The video is pretty simple — I just drew on the whiteboard in DTLT and used an app on the phone called Stop Motion Studio (I think it was $5). Andy was awesome with giving me help with lighting — it’s difficult to get enough light on a whiteboard without glare or reflection.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the video. I’m not an awesome artist when it comes to drawing, but I had a few ideas that I think made it interesting — there were some blurry frames that I ended up having to delete, so the video jumps more than I’d like in a few places.

In terms of the message, I’m not sure it works entirely. I’m trying to get students to think about the way claiming their own domain allows them to take greater ownership over their digital identity (as opposed to being entirely at the mercy of 3rd party services), but that’s a fairly complex message to convey in 30 seconds on a whiteboard with five colors! 🙂 So, in the end, I’ll probably want to revisit this and see how I could further improve it so the message is clearer (I’d love any ideas or suggestions!)

Anyway, here it is.

5 thoughts on “Stop Motion Friday”

  1. This is awesome, Martha. I think it is great. Maybe it needs a dash of Blackboard or ACALOG or BANNER too? All of those lovely repositories “identify” our students on our campuses (albeit in a closed circuit fashion).

    Having a space of one’s own (SOOO 🙂 ) would allow someone to say “Look, this is me and take a gander at the work I am proud of having done” vs having student work always mediated by what their profs thought was good or not so good.

    Eager to hear more!

    1. Me too Martha! I saw you tweet this out during the Q&A of Jim’s talk and was particularly impressed with the animation of the twitter bird. Very cool.

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