Some examples of ds106 radio shows and bumpers

It occurred to me that Jim Groom, given his altered state, may not have given the class some examples of radio shows that have been done already in what was once simply . Therefore I have taken it upon myself, as a good professor, to provide you with some solid examples of both radio shows and bumpers from previous courses to use as a model as you create your own.

The idea behind the radio show is to frame a series of stories/narratives that experiment with telling stories orally through sound on the radio. While the bumpers are used to both to promote your show, as well as transition neatly between different sections of your groups show—if they are, indeed, distinct. Bumpers can be very short, i.e., 15 to 30 seconds, or as long as a minute. The general theme for the show should be focused around Summer Camp or Summer of Oblivion. Hopefully either gives you room to experiment. Ideally your group will work together to come up with a show that is both coherent and original. What’s more, it should be something that you all can work on together or individually. That said, please try and make it work as a longer, compelling show that is at least 5 minutes per person as a rule (or 20 minutes if there are 4 groups members).
If you want examples of shows from students in the previous classes, see my May ds106 course’s “Dog Days of Summer” show here:
Also, there are a number of radio shows you can access here from the Spring semester
And here are some bumpers:

I hope this helps you all in your quest! What’s more, I have taken the liberty to extended the deadline for the final radio shows from Sunday at midnight to Monday at midnight.

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