A Day in the Life

Let me tell you a little about today at DTLT.

This morning a business student wandered in who wants to do something with photography. She’s an amateur photographer and she just wants a way to make art as part of her life at UMW. Her advisor recommended she come talk to us. We weren’t sure of the best advice, so we gave her a couple of ideas, including contacting the student newspaper (which has an awesome UMW Blogs-based Web site) and recommend that they start some kind of regular online photography feature — that she would volunteer to oversee. We also recommended she talk to one of our student aides who is an English major and just wrote an article for the paper about DTLT. We thought they might want to work on something together.

Around 1:00 she wandered back over and met our aide. The two of them spent the next hour working on a proposal to build a community photography project at UMW. They’re going to pitch it to the paper, but if that doesn’t fly, they’ll just roll it themselves on UMW Blogs.

In the meantime, another student wandered in who had heard Jim speak about building an online portfolio as part of one her classes. She was so inspired by the talk that she went out and bought a domain name and Web hosting account. She was looking for some help getting up and running.

About 30 minutes later, another student group wandered in who have a way cool idea that I’m not allowed to blog about yet. But it’s cool and it’s online. And it grows out of some awesome stuff at UMW.

Our second student aide spent the afternoon hacking Drupal.

Yeah. That’s right.

8 thoughts on “A Day in the Life”

  1. It’s too bad DTLT only helps faculty….

    Actually the student with the community photo project reminds me of your example student, Leah, from the Digital Initiatives Committee report.

  2. What is Drupal????? I missed the whole climax of the story!!

    I was going to comment on how well everything was linked, because I didn’t know what DTLT was, but the wonderful link informed me.

    Maybe I will use that thing called google and get to the bottom of this…

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