I am a horrible, worthless, unworthy blogger

Several reasons why the above is true:

1. My personal WP blog is so out-of-date in terms of version, I’m embarrassed to tell you what version I’m using.

2. I’ve been so bad about staying on top of my blog, I just found two nice comments buried in my spam from months ago. I’m a loser.

3. Did I mention I never blog?

4. I never blog

5. I have stopped using Google Reader, which means not only am I a bad blogger, I’m a bad blog reader. Shame on me.

Okay, enough with the self-loathing. I’m off to upgrade my blog and turn over a new leaf (again.)

I rock.

3 thoughts on “I am a horrible, worthless, unworthy blogger”

  1. 6. I am so awful, I didn’t even take the time to notice that my version number is exposed in my footer.

    Thanks, Tom, now I feel worse.

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