Faculty Academy is Upon Us

It’s that time of year. Again. Tomorrow will mark day one of yet another Faculty Academy at the University of Mary Washington. Once again, we’ve got a stellar line-up of guest speakers and faculty presenters. This year’s conference planning has been particularly poignant and meaningful for me, and I’m extraordinarly grateful to my colleagues in DTLT and the faculty at UMW who are contributing to the program. Plus, it’s very exciting to have James Boyle, Laura Blankenshpi, and Cole Camplese coming to contribute to the conversation.

I truly believe that the innovative thinking and work that is shared at events like Faculty Academy can point us toward the future of higher education. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity every year to help showcase and promote the thinking, experimentation, and creativity that this event represents.

See you on the other side.

One thought on “Faculty Academy is Upon Us”

  1. Oh to be there, but alas I cannot.

    Fac Acad last year was one of the most meaningful, important, warm, creative, happy, poignant events I have ever been lucky enough to be apart of. I pray you are streaming this.

    And I oh so hope you have a voice this year. 🙂


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