6 thoughts on “This one speaks for itself”

  1. Did you actually call him a “weenie?” Talk about your profound dialogue.

    You’ve changed a bit, but Jerry actually looks pretty much the same. I presume Andy was behind the camera.

  2. Chip — Yes. The line was, “Walt! You weenie!” I have tried hard to forget that line. . .oh, how hard I’ve tried. . .Every actor has those profound lines that are unforgettable. For me: “Walt! You weenie!”

    Continuing my line of defense, I took no part in the writing of the dialog. I was simply a hired gun.

    Steve — Yes, I *absolutely* should be acting in soaps. No argument there.

  3. Chip – don’t bring me into Martha’s sordid past. Certainly, if I was in this video, I would not be suggesting the use of the Auto Content Wizard. The presentations made with that are just crap.

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