Barbara’s Workshop: Random Notes & Thoughts

Notes from Barbara’s workshop:

* no two classes should necessarily have the same goals. Before you think about the tool or technology to use, think first about about the kind of class dynamic that you are hoping to foster and generate. A few questions: “what kinds of teaching will you do in class?” “How will your students spend their time out of class?” “What is the relationship between content and process?” “How will you make your pedagogy transparent?” (Transparent pedagogy — something to ponder)

* the play between “group” and “solo” varies according to the class goals.

* how do you spend the first few weeks of the semester? What’s your “opening act?”

* another question for students: “what in my life has brought me to this course?” Tell a story (dig. story) of one particular moment in your life that explains why you’re in this class. . .

* Bonding over digital storytelling — powerful force/magic

* great exercise on identifying learning moments, trends, commanilities, good stuff. Must to back to Barbara’s blog to take a look at the whole program

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