On Making Messes and Faculty Mentorship

I’m watching a panel discussion among Angela Gosetti-Murrayjohn, Susan Fernsebner, and Laura Blankenship, moderated by Steve Greenlaw. Sue just referred to a point in Barbara Ganley’s presentation earlier: is blogging already becoming passe? And, if so, what’s the next tool we’ll be embracing on the horizon? Or, as Sue put it “what mess can we make now?” (I’m paraphrasing; that’s basically what she said, though.). I love it.

Making messes is one of the parts of my job that I like most. It’s related to risk-taking, actually. I feel very lucky to be in a job that allows me to make messes and learn from my mistakes.

Another great thing about this panel is the fact that Steve is moderating. I knew that he had played a part in getting Angela to consider using blogs for her Afterlife and Homer courses, but I didn’t know that he’d also talked Sue’s ear off about blogs on a commute from NoVA to Fredericksburg–and is, at least partly, responsible for her own use of blogs this past year. Steve is a great example of the kind of faculty mentor that we need more of. Thanks, Steve.

Just to be clear, I feel very lucky to work at place like UMW that does have lots of faculty mentors like Steve. Faculty Academy is a great example of that!

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