Calling Everyone Out

This fish has been in a bit of hibernation, lately. (Do fish hibernate?)

Mostly, that’s because there’s been a LOT going on. I’ve got a backlog of posts reflecting on Student Academy, the de Lange conference I attended earlier this spring, two great DTLT presentations at ACCS this past week, a presentation at UCF in a little over a week (yikes!!), and this year’s upcoming Faculty Academy.

On top of that, the Burtis household has been ground zero for a number of particularly virulent, unpleasant bugs, recently. I’m REALLY hoping that’s all over.

In the midst of all of this, an incredibly invigorating conversation has been developing among some folks here at UMW about where we go next with some of the work we’ve been doing lately. I started drafting a post outlining the whole shebang, but, really, I can’t do it justice. So, I finally migrated the whole thing into a brand new wiki.

WARNING: This is basically an unedited (or very lightly edited) transcript of the conversation that we’ve all been having via email. There is a LOT to wade through, and I’ve made no attempt to filter or arrange the range of information, ideas, and directions that have developed.

That’s for next week. 😉

Since, basically, the participants in this conversation ARE my blog readership, I thought I’d announce this here.

Have at it. . .

2 thoughts on “Calling Everyone Out”

  1. Even though I’m not in the conversation (but still part of your blog readership!) I went ahead and read anyway.
    A fascinating conversation and thanks to you I have access to it, just don’t tell my friends I spent part of my Friday night reading this. They don’t need to know the extent of my dorkiness 😉

    As for whether fish hibernate, I’ve read that some do go dormant during the winter time. Good to see you active again!

  2. Hmm…being cold-blooded, I think they just slow down a lot. In the pond at my parents house, the top ices over in the winter. My poor dad needs to break up the ice to give them some air, but they don’t get fed for the winter.

    And…I started writing up a few possible use cases…hopefully more people will do the same!

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