A Wiki to Watch?

Via edugadget last week, I came across the CaseWiki. I love this wiki. Case Western Reserve is providing it as an online space for all of the university’s constituents to collaborate about and share information.

What kind of information? It seems like any kind. The creators provide an orientation page with suggestions.

Taking a look at the activity on the wiki, I found some interesting stuff:

  1. A student’s record of the progress of his independent study.
  2. A collaborative space for the team currently working on the Case screen saver project.
  3. Notes about an authentication projection at Case.
  4. A personal page maintained by a student.
  5. Instructions and information about using the Case email service.

And, then there is this map of content that has been geographically tagged.

Wiki-purists may object to the fact that you do need to be a registered user to make edits, and you must have a CASE Network ID in order to become a registered user. But, personally, I can understand the University’s reluctance to open this up to the entire world. And I think the community of users represented by those with University ID’s is probably large enough to make this a meaningful project.

I think this is worth keeping an eye on. The real test is how this wiki grows and evolves. Will it become a meaningful respository of useful information? Or will it become a cluttered wasteland of Web pages that time forgot?

Stay tuned. . .