Textbooks Just Got Lighter. . .

Just came across this new item from SanDisk: the Cruzer Freedom.

It is touted as a “digital backpack.” According to SanDisk’s site:

. . .proprietary software allows easy and secure downloads of copyrighted content including textbooks, novels, study guides, educational software, and much more.

I can’t say I’m exactly sure what that means. How is this any different from a regular USB drive, and what make the downloads “secure?” But it’s probably worth keeping an eye on.

According to the Mac News Network, which led me to this find, the drive is due in Staples stores this September.

2 thoughts on “Textbooks Just Got Lighter. . .”

  1. I bet the “proprietary software” somehow formats the drive to accept DRM stuff, like those “napster-ready” mp3 players out there now.

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