3 thoughts on “How Much Do You Want a Mac?”

  1. It is messed up, but it also suggests to me that many people want to have a computer but aren’t able to afford one. Perhaps Henrico (and other locations) should consider offering all their used laptops to their residents….

  2. Jeff,

    I actually did have the same response (briefly) when I saw the story. But then I guess I was too appalled by people’s actions to get beyond them. And then Andy’s ebay discovery brought out the cynic in me.

    But thank you for reminding me that there might be a deeper message to stories like these.

    None of the news coverage I saw really discussed why people were willing to go to these lengths. . .

  3. Martha,
    I certainly wasn’t excusing the actions or dismissing the possibility that some were just looking to make a quick buck (which some clearly were), just acknowledging the continuing problem of a digital divide, despite the lower prices of computers in recent years.

    On a less serious note, do you think people would have fought that way over a used Dell or Gateway notebook? I’ve often suspected only Mac inspires such fervor…. 🙂

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