Flowers for Me

Can we talk about my brain? It is taxed. It is experiencing information overload. It is tired and it wants to go to sleep. Some days it does just that–those are not usually my most productive days.

I’m simply innundated with information and ideas. And the thing is, I’m barely skimming the surface. As wonderful as the the information-saturated world of blogs, and wikis, and podcasts, and social bookmarks, and all that other great stuff is, I simply can’t. . .take. . .much. . more.

I’ve read about folks who read upwards of 120 blog feeds. A day. I’ve got about 20 in my reader. I struggle to just get through the titles. And when I do read them and they are something really interesting (which isn’t ALL of the time but happens A LOT), I think “Oh no. How do I hold on to this?” I know that in two days I’ll be thinking back fondly on that great blog post I read, but I’ll have no idea of what it REALLY said, and I just won’t have time to go back and read it again. Because, guess what? I’ll have a whole new slew of posts in NetNewsReader demanding my attention.

I feel like Algernon. Only there is no miracle drug wearing off leaving me duller and dimmer than when I started this journey, there is just this information-saturated world wearing down my poor noggin.

How does everyone else do it? Seriously.