17 thoughts on “Another four icons”

  1. This is the way to do it! I don’t like the posts when the creator gives the answer… And I am nearly always stumped (like now). Is it “When Night Falls”?

  2. It’s about time I figured one of these out on my own, although I think it might be cheating that we were just talking about that movie yesterday so it was probably on my mind (or maybe I’m wrong, in which case I’m an idiot and still can’t figure out these riddles, haha)

  3. Wow, nice one Martha, I’m stumped…The shadow is being cast a what appears to be 6 pm, is there a clue in that? Really nice clean design here.

  4. Tim, I think you’ve got it b/c I think we were talking about it tomorrow.

    No one else has guessed.

    I threw the shadow in there at the last minute to add an extra hint, but I wonder if it actually isn’t a bit of a red herring. . .

  5. heh. Guilia you got it — I thought about a digital alarm clock but I wasn’t as happy with that as a design element. 🙂

    I was trying to think of a movie that you could do this assignment with and use the same icon four times. Groundhog Day was the first that came to mind.

  6. Speaking of recursion I’d like to see someone do a creative take on the assignment using Inception as an example. Icon inside an Icon inside an Icon…

  7. Yaay! Great job, then because Groundhog Day is exactly what I thought of first.

    @Tim- inception w recursive icons would rad- but super challenging. Double dog dare you.

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