7-7-11 Live Broadcast: Jim Groom Missing, Assignment Reminder, and Web Storytelling

What follows is a copy of the email I will be sending out to the ds106 Summer of Oblivion course members shortly.

Here is the link to today’s abbreviated course session:

Keeping up with the ds106 Radio Show
In light of Jim Groom’s disappearance, I think I need to step in and establish some kind of order and reaffirm that we must remain one as a class, and put all our divisions aside. What’s more, you must get your assignments done! Today’s video was short and sweet, and provided a review of where we are and a look at where we are going—with or without Jim Groom.

As a quick recap. you should already have your radio groups formed and each group should have a name and list of members on this wiki page here. Also, your groups :30 second and one minute bumpers are due for your radio show by tomorrow, Friday, July 8th, at 5 PM. In addition, the show is due no later than midnight on Sunday July 10th (this deadline is not negotiable). Finally, the shows will air on Monday, July 11th starting at 2 PM and going through the evening.

Telling Stories in/on the Web Assignment
What’s more, as a look of things to come we will be experimenting with web storytelling, wherein you each will be asked to hack a website and make it your own. Here is an example I worked on today to give you an example of what one of them might look like: http://marthaburtis.net/ds106_amazon.html

This assignment will be the subject of Monday’s course, and the course will be centered on this assignment but in order to get a head start see the video about how to execute this assignment here and the very detailed tutorial here. You can see some ideas and the vision of this assignment on Jim Groom’s blog here, before he lost it entirely.

Steady and strong wins the race,
Martha Burtis

14 thoughts on “7-7-11 Live Broadcast: Jim Groom Missing, Assignment Reminder, and Web Storytelling”

  1. You’ve betrayed Jim Groom. If your not with Jim Groom then your against him! We are like Sith Lords and we deal in absolutes. DS107 your following will fall and from the ashes will arise a stronger DS106.

  2. Jim Groom hasn’t disappeared. Observe. Joe, this isn’t a game anymore. This isn’t about opposition to Jim Groom and it damn sure isn’t about Sith Lords. Jim is sick. He needs our help.

    While we battle one another, divided by petty strife, the tide of a greater conflict is turning against us, threatening to destroy all that we have accomplished. It is time for us as factions and as individuals to set aside our feuds and unite.

  3. Joe,

    Don’t listen to Alan, he is spreading lies and sowing discontent. You are on the righteous path. Disregard the rhetoric of unity and hope, there can only be one ds106—the one I have created with my blood, sweat and tears. They want to capitalize on my work and sell it to the highest bidder. ds106 needs to be pure, and we are the guardians of the flame. Fight, fight, fight against the dying of the light!

  4. This is MY blog. Any discontent about the truth of DS106 will be summarily removed. We are all DS106; banishment is impossible. Stay steady and continue the good work.

    You have been warned.

      1. Jim Groom wouldn’t inflict this upon you because he can’t Firebug his way out of a paper bag. Ungrateful git. Here *I* am stepping up to teach his class (while on vacation!) and this is the kind of comment he leaves?!

        1. Did you call me a “git”? Really?! You’re on my list now, that basically makes you #ds107 through and through. BANISHED!!!

          1. I didn’t pick this fight, Jim Groom. YOU are the one who abandoned your class. I simply stepped in and attempted to keep the class moving forward, offering some semblance of leadership and sanity during this period of chaos. And then you have the audacity to leave a comment on MY blog suggesting that I am “inflicting” this assignment on the DS106 SOB students?

            Shame on you. It would behoove you to remember all I have done for you over the years. And all I can undo.

  5. Enough! I’ve seen better behavior from ill-behaved children. You two are grown-ups, so act like it or I will see to it that BOTH of you are replaced by someone more capable of leading this class like a responsible adult.

    We’ve not the time for quarreling leaders when grades are in the balance. Do not underestimate your replaceability.

        1. It’s strange to me that, Mr. Proffitt, that you associate “responsibility” with the one teaching the class but not the one taking the class. Can you elaborate?

          As for me being replaceable, history has proven (in my case at least) that this is not possible. Everytime *I* leave a job, the position is frozen or just disappears. I can only assume that this means that I am irreplaceable.

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