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After this weekend’s mind blowing radio show extravaganza for ds106, I felt like I needed to find a way to make the various show audio files available for anyone who wanted to listen. (You can find most of them on students’ blogs, but it takes a bit of hunting to track them down.)

So, I created an RSS feed out of a Delicious tag and pulled it into FeedBurner (I didn’t have to do this last step, I just like to because then I can edit the title/description/feed image).

I give you DS106 Radio Miscellany. If you subscribe to it in iTunes (or whatever you use to listen to podcasts), you’ll be able to download the associated MP3 files.

But the big bonus is that since this is all originating from a Delicious tag, anyone can add new audio to the feed. The catch is that you have to bookmark the actual MP3 file, NOT the page on which the MP3 file is embedded in order or the podcasting to work. So, as stuff for DS106 radio is created and shared on blogs and elsewhere, feel free to tag the MP3s in Delicious with ds106mp3.


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