Four Icon TV Challenge

Ever since our kids were born, my husband and I find ourselves watching fewer and fewer movies — we just can’t commit to the two hours on a weekend night. There’s too strong a chance that I will fall asleep or one of the kids will wake up.

Instead, we’ve spent more and more time watching TV series — a few old classics, but mostly fairly new shows. We use our Netflix membership primarily to rent series DVDs for shows on premium cable channels (that we don’t pay for). It works out well, because at 30-60 minutes a piece, the exit strategy is much easier.

I have to say I think there are some fantastic TV shows on these days (not on the major networks, primarily on extended or premium cable channels), and I think that generally the last 5-8 years have seen a surge of great television.

(NOTE: The exception this is all things reality TV. I’ve got almost no patience for this genre, except when I’m sick in bed and can’t concentrate on anything more complicated than watching my hair grow.)

Given my familiarity with so many series, I figured I’d commemorate one of my favorites in my four icon challenge.

NOTE: It’s worth mentioning that the plot of an entire TV series can’t be “summarized” in the same way that most film plots can, I went for a more symbolic approach. So, there’s no plot being conveyed here, but, hopefully, the icons evoke a particular aspect of the show.

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