A Day in the Life

Let me tell you a little about today at DTLT.

This morning a business student wandered in who wants to do something with photography. She’s an amateur photographer and she just wants a way to make art as part of her life at UMW. Her advisor recommended she come talk to us. We weren’t sure of the best advice, so we gave her a couple of ideas, including contacting the student newspaper (which has an awesome UMW Blogs-based Web site) and recommend that they start some kind of regular online photography feature — that she would volunteer to oversee. We also recommended she talk to one of our student aides who is an English major and just wrote an article for the paper about DTLT. We thought they might want to work on something together.

Around 1:00 she wandered back over and met our aide. The two of them spent the next hour working on a proposal to build a community photography project at UMW. They’re going to pitch it to the paper, but if that doesn’t fly, they’ll just roll it themselves on UMW Blogs.

In the meantime, another student wandered in who had heard Jim speak about building an online portfolio as part of one her classes. She was so inspired by the talk that she went out and bought a domain name and Web hosting account. She was looking for some help getting up and running.

About 30 minutes later, another student group wandered in who have a way cool idea that I’m not allowed to blog about yet. But it’s cool and it’s online. And it grows out of some awesome stuff at UMW.

Our second student aide spent the afternoon hacking Drupal.

Yeah. That’s right.

Pushing Past Malaise

I’m sensing that a few of my digital storytelling students may be suffering from a bit of, shall we say, malaise? A few of them still haven’t gotten on board with Daily Shoot, which makes me wonder if they understand that when I say it is an “assignment” I mean it in the sense that it is work, that I have assigned, and which they must complete in order to receive a decent grade? (that’s just a subtle hint in case of any of the ones who are taking some kind of moral/political/ethical/personal/emotional stance against DS actually READ my blog). Continue reading Pushing Past Malaise

Daily Shoot #449: Use a window or a door as a frame.


I had a day planned of working on a few client sites at home. Instead, I woke to Madigan complaining of a sore throat and severe headache. I knew what that meant: strep. Headaches are her typical strep symptom. So off the pediatrician’s we went to have our suspicions confirmed. One stop at the pharmacy later, and we were back home, camped out on the couch for the day. Continue reading Daily Shoot #449: Use a window or a door as a frame.

Red: A Story Told in 5 DS106 Flickr Photos

Five Card Story: Red

a ds106 story created by Martha

flickr photo by Intrepid Flame

flickr photo by paulhami

flickr photo by paulhami

flickr photo by les.epinards

flickr photo by Intrepid Flame

When she woke up that morning, something compelled her to put on the red shoes. She would never understand the reason why.

She’d already planned on taking a long walk in the woods. The shoes weren’t comfortable, but the bright red almost seemed to glow as she walked along a dappled path. For some reason, the red seemed necessary, an imperative part of her walk, her day, her destiny.

After stopping for lunch, she pulled our her camera to complete her digital storytelling assignment. She was searching for something to frame, when her lens suddenly settled on a red flash in the bushes.

She zoomed in, recognizing the exact color of her glowing red sneakers, hidden among the leaves of a wildflower. Suddenly, the redness seemed to make sense. Her shoes had led her here, to find this winking, tiny creature among the bushes.

She zoomed in further, and realized, with a shudder and a start, that IT was pointing a lens right back at her.

No one ever saw here again, but later that Friday afternoon a jogger stumbled upon one red sneaker, lost in a grove of wildflowers.

On Forming Habits

whirl and reach out
CC: Some rights reserved by procsilas on Flickr

I’ve been thinking a lot about creativity lately in light of my digital storytelling class. I had a minor epiphany that was brought about, in large part, by the start of the Daily Shoot assignment.  I’ve known about Daily Shoot for quite some time, and I’ve always wanted to get my act together and do it, but somehow I’ve always managed to put it off. Having it as an assignment for the class was a great gentle nudge to get me to commit to the project for at least two weeks. Continue reading On Forming Habits

Daily Shoot #445: Make a photograph that emphasizes the sky.


I took a break this afternoon to walk over to the UMW Bookstore and buy Radio: An Illustrated Guide (which my students are going to be reading as we enter into the audio portion of the class). Afterwards, I decided to take a roundabout way back to my office and see if I could find a good shot for today’s assignment. I was heading to the new footbridge over Route 1, because I thought I might be able to get a nice sky shot looking north towards downtown (and I’ve never been on the bridge so I thought it might be nice to check it out.) Continue reading Daily Shoot #445: Make a photograph that emphasizes the sky.