The View

Took another stab at an animated gif tonight. This one is from my favorite movie, and it’s of the moment before, what I think, is one of the most romantic few seconds in a movie. Just watching it reminds me of the first time I saw this movie and how powerful I found this scene. (The music in this scene is, I think, critical. It’s kind of weird to watch it in silence.) This movie introduced me to E.M. Forester when I was a teenager. I plowed through a collection of his novels right after I watched it.

In fact, I haven’t watched it in years, and now I think I’ll schedule a viewing for myself tomorrow night.

1 Second of "Room with a View"

This time I actually used Handbrake to capture the clip from my DVD and then used Photoshop to import the video into frames. Again, I couldn’t believe how easy that was. I didn’t drop frames on the import, so it’s pretty smooth. And I’m pretty happy with it.