A Drawing Worth Watching

This Flash drawing demo is by far one of the coolest things I’ve seen online in quite a while. And it is so simple.

I love the way it reveals the importance of the underlying skeleton, skin, and garments when drawing the human figure. Each stage is wonderful to watch, and it is sort of magical to see how the artist both builds a new layer while erasing the parts of the old layer that no longer need to be visible — but still need to be “there.”

I’ve shared this with a professor in our art department, and I look forward to hearing his reaction.

Makes me wish I could draw.

2 thoughts on “A Drawing Worth Watching”

  1. For some strange reason, this drawing makes me think of project management. After all, it is a similar process – start with the basics and build on top of them, fixing, tweaking, and adjusting along the way.

    I guess it’s a good thing it is Friday – I must need some time off. 🙂

    Not being an artist, I wonder if this is genuine drawing technique, or just a cool animation.

  2. This is a very wonderful thing.

    I’m struck by how space is defined both by adding lines and by taking them away. I’ve read this many times in art-related stuff, but actually watching the process in this way makes an indelible mark on my cerebrum. It’s one of those “ah, I get it!” moments that turns intellectual understanding into intuitive awareness–or vice versa.

    Thanks for blogging on this!

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