About the Author

Martha Burtis is, first and foremost, a person. She is not a machine, a semi-precious gem, or a root vegetable.

She works in the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies at the University of Mary Washington. Her real dream is to start a hipster dating Web site called Bespoke Love.

She spends far too much time searching for missing files on her computer or on her desk and looking up the phone numbers of people whom she calls on a regular basis. She has yet to figure out how to get technology to actually help with these problems. Activating Spaces on her Mac laptop didn’t help.

She has been known to try and use Google to try and find her missing glasses or keys. Unfortunately, this didn’t work. But, knowing Google, it probably will some day.

You can find her on Twitter (mburtis), Skype (kauigrace) and delicious (mburtis).

She may have another blog, but she’s not going to tell you where it is.  So there.

tales of swimming upstream